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Showcasing the NECON disinfection portal

The NECON disinfection portal is the 100% chemical-free and human-friendly alternative to whole-body disinfection gates.
Due to the ongoing corona pandemic, these are gradually replacing the so-far widespread hand disinfection stations since the gates also cover face, clothing, and carry-on objects or shopping trolleys.

Due to the increased risk potential in highly frequented and often vital facilities, such spraying systems are particularly interesting for shopping malls, train/bus stations and airports, religious and other venues, sports facilities and parks and last but not least hospitals and nursing homes.

Test run of NEC-10000 "Drinking Water Mobile Station": treating surface water

In further test runs of the NEC-10000, the results were equally convincing:
Once again, the "Mobile Drinking Water Station" delivered crystal-clear, neutral-tasting water with excellent laboratory results.

The video shows the treatment of murky, stagnant surface water, which is often the only potable water supply for the population in underdeveloped areas or in the event of natural disasters.

Test run of NEC-10000 "Drinking Water Mobile Station": treating process water

During the first test run to treat a heavily polluted industrial sludge, the NEC-10000 "Drinking Water Mobile Station" impressed with perfect table water:
crystal clear, neutral in taste and with excellent laboratory results.

The system was first presented and announced as availableat at the Aquatech 2017 trade fair in Amsterdam.

Video presentation of successes with NECON water in fruit growing in Bangladesh

Mr. Shaikh Abdur Rahim, CEO of NECON's Bangladeshi partner company Bay Consortium Ltd., introduces the field trials with NECON-treated water.
Irrigation with NECON water clearly prevented fruit-killing fungi on lychee and mango trees.
Even more impressive, irrigation with NECON water yielded the first harvest of coconuts on trees that had not borne a single fruit in almost 20 years, despite all previous efforts, up until being treated to NECON water.