Made in Germany

NEC-4000 / NEC-7000 / NEC-9000

The compact, cost-efficient units design integrates

  • control electronics with simplified-to-the-essential functionality and operation,
  • a pre-installed sacrificial electrode which is available in different sizes depending on project requirement and budget.

Range of Applications: Due to their combination of strong amperage performance and treatment cells with stepped-up pressure rating and certified drinking water-safe coating, the units are highly versatile and suitable for treatment

  • of potable, grey and process water,
  • of irrigation water applied to greens and crops, notably winegrowing, and of water used in animal production,
  • as well as of water in bathing pools.

Scalability: Multiple units can be operated simultaneously in one installation and optionally ordered rack-mounted and piped ("Ion Towers").

Positioning of the product models:

  • NEC-4000 is the common choice for wide-ranging applications due to its appealing cost-performance ratio.
  • It's larger sister model NEC-9000 features an even vastly enhanced performance and is correspondingly fitted with an electrode of almost doubled lenght and weight.
  • Whereas NEC-7000 combines that same super-sized design and electrode of NEC-9000 with the rock-solid performance of NEC-4000, for requirements that prioritise electrode lifetime over performance (e.g. public pools).

Modular expandability: NEC-4000, NEC-7000, and NEC-9000 are designed exclusively for high-performance electrophysical treatment of water.
Special functions such as pump operation, automated water volume-dependent performance, or remote monitoring are implemented via the optionally available NEC-6000 companion controller.

Technical Data

   NEC-4000   NEC-7000                         NEC-9000
Voltage supply 88~264 VAC 47~63 HzVoltage supply 90~280 VAC 45~65 Hz
Electrode current 0.5–12.0 A adjustable in 0.5 A increments with max. 23 V output voltageElectrode current 0.5–30.0 A adjustable in 0.5 A increments with max. 48 V output voltage
Power consumption max. 322 WattPower consumption max. 1600 Watt
Dimensions (W × H × D) 185 × 365 × 244 mmDimensions (W × H × D) 185 × 610 × 254 mm
On continuous service 1 switching per day.
Multiple starts settable via external timer switch (not included), alternatively via NEC-6000 companion controller
May be ordered to support flow control (start/stop) in combination with optionally available compatible flow switch.
Proportional control (water volume-dependent performance) in combination with NEC-6000 companion controller and compatible flow monitor
IP protection class 54
Metal-cast treatment cell with drinking water-certified coating and 10 bar pressure rating (optionally 16 bar)
Connection threads 2 x 2" BSP female

Product Variants

Product VariantsIncluded AccessoriesElectrodes


  • Treatment of flows with
    0,5–1,0 ppm: 4.500 – 9.000 m³ service life
  • For private pools up to 60 m³ pool volume

Cu test kit Comparator

1 × C40005


  • Treatment of flows with
    0,5–1,0 ppm: 9.000 – 18.000 m³ service life
  • For private pools up to 100 m³ pool volume
  • For public pools up to 60 m³ pool volume

Cu- test kit Comparator

1 × C40009


  • Treatment of flows with
    0,5–1,0 ppm: 15.000 – 30.000 m³ service life
  • For private pools up to 200 m³ pool volume
  • For public pools up to 120 m³ pool volume

Cu- test kit Comparator

1 × C90009