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The compact, cost-efficient unit design integrates control electronics with simplified-to-the-essential functionality and operation, and a pre-installed sacrificial electrode which is available in different sizes depending on project requirement and budget.

In combination with its strong amperage performance and its treatment cell with stepped-up pressure rating and certified drinking water-safe coating, the unit is highly versatile and suitable for treatment of potable, grey and process water as well as of irrigation water applied to greens and crops, notably winegrowing. Further applications include treatment of water used in animal production, and in bathing pools.

NEC-4000 is designed solely for electro-physical treatment of water and constitutes the most powerful of the single-electrode NECON systems.

Multiple units can be operated simultaneously in one installation and optionally ordered rack-mounted and piped ("Ion Towers").

Technical Data

  • Voltage supply 110–230 VAC 50/60 Hz
  • Electrode current 1.0–12.0 A adjustable in 0.5 A increments with max. 23 V output voltage
  • Power consumption max. 322 Watt
  • Dimensions (W × H × D) 185 × 336 × 275 mm
  • On continuous service 1 switching per day, multiple starts settable via timer switch (not included)
  • Supports flow control (start/stop), optionally proportional control (water volume-dependent performance) in combination with NEC-6000 add-on controller
  • IP protection class 54
  • Metal-cast treatment cell with drinking water-certified coating and 10 bar pressure rating (optionally 16 bar)
  • Connection threads 2 x 2" BSP female

Product Variants

Product VariantsIncluded AccessoriesElectrodes


  • Treatment of flows with
    0,5–1,0 ppm: 4.500 – 9.000 m³ service life
  • For private pools up to 60 m³ pool volume

Cu test kit Comparator

1 × C40005


  • Treatment of flows with
    0,5–1,0 ppm: 9.000 – 18.000 m³ service life
  • For private pools up to 100 m³ pool volume
  • For public pools up to 60 m³ pool volume

Cu- test kit Comparator

1 × C40009