Made in Germany

Benefits of applying NECON in agriculture include:

  • Plant fortification and disinfection of germs by copper-silver ions

  • Improved root growth, for more robust, healthy plants

  • Efficient against fungi, bacteria, viruses and germs

  • Overhead sprinkling without legionellae hazard

  • Germ-free and soft sprinkling water

  • Deposit effect throughout water circulation system

Video presentation of successes with NECON water in fruit growing in Bangladesh

Mr. Shaikh Abdur Rahim, CEO of NECON's Bangladeshi partner company Bay Consortium Ltd. introduces the field trials with NECON-treated water, preventing fruit-killing fungi on lychee, mango, and even full-grown coconut trees which despite all previous efforts had borne no single fruit in almost 20 years, up until being treated to NECON water.