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Basic hygiene in clinics and medical practices, care homes, and in public areas

Special product solutions:

NECON-treated water as a medium for disinfecting surfaces

NECON Disinfection portal

The NECON disinfection portal is the 100% chemical-free and human-friendly alternative to full-body disinfection gates.
Due to the ongoing corona pandemic, these gates are gradually replacing the so-far common hand disinfection stations, as the pass-through gates also cover the face and any carry-on objects or shopping carts.

Due to the increased hazard situation in highly frequented and often system-critical facilities, such disinfection spray systems are particularly advantageous for

  • religious, sports and other events,
  • shopping malls,
  • animal farming and meat processing plants,
  • rail/bus stations and airports,
  • leisure facilities and parks
  • and last but not least hospitals and nursing homes.

Scope of supply:

Flight case with transport casters L=1000 x W=700 x H=500 mm, plus protrusion for water and electrical connection; approx. 200 kg gross weight

  • integrated (piped/wired) high-pressure pump and disinfection-electrolysis units,
  • spraying arc (disassembled, prepared for quick assembly)
  • step sensor, walking carpet mat
  • guiding cordons and posts
  • aerosole-shielding curtain

Technical data:

  • Electrical connection: CEE surface-mounted connector, three-pole, with Schuko adapter
  • Power supply 230 V, power consumption approx. 8.5 kW
  • Water connection: adapter nozzle 1-1/2" ET, may be adapted to site-provided water supply hose with included coupler for the Gardena® quick-fastening system (optional coupler for GEKA® system bayonet connection on request)
  • Water supply: min. 5 L/min, municipal water quality, min 200 TDS, max 500 TDS


Improving and maintaining water quality by eliminating waterborne pathogens

Prevention of pathogens and algae in dental units

The necOn-Sept device was specially designed for use in dental offices to prevent the colonization of microorganisms, especially in the dental treatment units.

The system has been engineered to respond to the minimum flow rates typical of the water flow in dental chairs.

Installation diagram

Reference letters on NECON use in dental office (click to enlarge, translations on request):