Made in Germany

June 2020

Test run of NEC-10000 "Drinking Water Mobile Station":
Treating surface water

In further test runs of the NEC-10000, the results were equally convincing:

Once again, the "Mobile Drinking Water Station" delivered crystal-clear, neutral-tasting water with excellent laboratory results.

The video shows the treatment of murky, stagnant surface water.

As it is often the sole available resource for the drinking water needs in underdeveloped areas or in the event of natural disasters.

May 2020

NECON awarded with seal of innovation

Necon has been awarded the „Innovative through Reasearch" seal by the „Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft“, a Berlin-headquartered association of 3000 corporations and foundations „dedicated to education, science and innovation.“

The seal was awarded following the Stifterverband’s review commissioned by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research of NECON's entrepreneurial innovation accomplishments in the context of state-aided research projects, which are also repeatedly initiated and carried out by Necon GmbH.

With this award, the association honors "research-based companies for the particular responsibility they assume for the state and society".

June 2018

NECON water treatment for potable water approved in Republic of Peru

The University of Piura (Peru) has tested and approved the NECON water treatment acc. to the standards  of the Peruvian Drinking Water Directive DS-031-2010-SA.
The university laboratory is officially accredited for national certifications; as a result, the use of NECON water disinfection is approved for use in all of the country's drinking supplies, effective immediately.

Since implementation of a project co-funded by the German Development Aid (sequa GmbH) to improve potable water supply in Peru, NECON has maintained intensive cooperation with Peruvian research institutes and scientists.

March 2017

NECON CEO awarded honorary doctor's degree

On the occasion of his inspection visit of Germany co-funded NECON installations in Peru, NECON founder and CEO Klaus Gebhardt has been awared an honorary doctor's degree by the National University of Tumbes.

In his celebratory speech, university principal Dr. Carlos Cánepa La Cotera endorsed the academic distinction of Dr.h.c. Gebhardt's entrepreneurial innovations in various areas, namely in robotics during the initial stages of industrial automation, followed by development of 100% chemical-free water treatment systems, and their respective value for the sciences.

In his acceptance speech to the faculty, Dr.h.c. Gebhardt elaborated on the latter, how his imaginations and their verifications in practice led to the controlled production of copper and silver ions by way of precise electrolysis and further to application of the technology in drinking water treatment and development of antimicrobial skinscare.

The University of Tumbes, located in Northern Peru, is a pioneer in ecological and biotechnology research. In a total of 19 study programs, the university offers education in humanities, sciences and technologies with a social orientation, based on a clear awareness of regional and national realities and environmental protection.

NECON water treatment for Michelin-starred chef in Lima

On the occasion of his inspection visit of Germany co-funded NECON installations in Peru, NECON founder and CEO Klaus Gebhardt presented a water treatment system to the "Central" restaurant in Lima, Peru. It will complete the reverse osmosis which is already in operation at the restaurant, to prevent bacteria recontamination of the filtered water before its final use.

Restaurant founder and Michelin-starred chef Virgilio Martínez was clearly pleased about the additional safeguard for the water usage throughout the restaurant's operation. Martínez, whose "Central Restaurante" meanwhile has been awarded with the highest rankings in the 2017 "World’s 50 Best Restaurants Awards" (No 1 Latin America, No 5 wordwide) does not only strive for offering the most exquisite gourmet cuisine and service but as well for maintaining highest hygiene Standards.