Made in Germany

Hand-hauled "Komplett-Technik" on two-wheeler cart

NECON "Komplett-Technik" systems are combinations of electrolysis disinfection and application-specific filtration with the most compact dimensions possible.

NEC-4000 hand-hauled "Komplett-Technik" is designed as a hand-carried water treatment system for transport, setup and operation by a single person, for filtration and disinfection of service or drinking water.
Due to the low space and handling requirements, the system can be set up practically anywhere and flexibly moved between different job locations.

With the integrated pump, the system is expressly designed for intake of water from collector basins and surface waters.
The water is then processed through two separate filter stages and finally treated with the NECON residual effect, for prolonged prevention of pathogen bacteria.

Technical Data

Dimensions (W × H × D): 950 incl. sediment purge valve/pipe × max. 1300 depending on pump height × 900 mm
Weight approx. 50 kg excluding weight of the electrode installed in NEC-4000 unit (see table below)
Flow range: min. 3 up to 8 m3/h
Supply power: 230 VAC choice of 50 or 60 Hz. (pump)
Power consumption (of standard integrated pump plus NEC-4000): max. 1.2 kW
Suction strainer to prevent intake of floating debris (enclosed separately / not preinstalled): as per customer requirement depending on specs of hose intended for water uptake
Inlet (of standard integrated pump): 1-1/2"
Centrifugal filtration stage #01: filtering sediment that is heavier than water; manual backwash (requires 15 liters flushing water)
Fine particles filtration stage #02: preinstalled container for 20" filter cartridge; cartridges in various pore sizes available at extra cost for factory preinstallation.
Alternatively available at extra cost is integration of carbon filtration instead of the standard cartridge container if client requirements include treatment of water against bad odours.
Service life of the NEC-4000 electrode: as specified in the table below
Outlet: standard integrated 1-1/2" PVC handle valve to regulate pump performance
Cart material, tires: steel-tubing; pneumatic-tired, alternatively fitted with tri-star stairclimber at extra cost

Product Variants

Product Variants Included Accessories Electrodes


  • Treatment of flows with
    0,5–1,0 ppm: 4.500 – 9.000 m³ service life

Cu test kit Comparator

1 × C40005
(5.2 kg gross weight)


  • Treatment of flows with
    0,5–1,0 ppm: 8.000 – 16.000 m³ service life

Cu- test kit Comparator

1 × C40009
(9.5 kg gross weight)