Made in Germany

NECflow pulse-generating water flow sensor

NECflow supports automation of two NECON operation modes:
either for treatment of varying or for steady water flow

1. The NECflow sensor operates as a flow meter to signal the flow rate to connected NEC-6000 with required interface configuration, for proportional control, to automatically achieve even dosing when flow rate fluctuates.
NEC-6000 will automatically adjust the performance of connected NEC-4000 or sister models based on detected flow rates.

2. NECflow may also be used as a flow monitor / flow switch to signal flows to directly connected NEC-4000 or sister models which have been factory-fitted with optional TRS socket:

  • If sensor signals flow, the NECON system will operate the electrode with the performance target as preset in the system menu.
  • If sensor signals no flow, electrode operation will be paused.

This so-called "Start / Stop" mode of operation is suitable when treating steady flows.