Made in Germany

Water purification for swimming pools, spas, and jacuzzi

Join thousands of happy bathers — enjoy 100% chemical-free bathing, sans compromises!

Banish chlorine and all other chemicals from your swimming pool with the "NECON system"!

If you own a swimming pool yourself, then you can decide which kind of water you, your family, and your guests will enjoy.

Speaking of "guests"­ — with the "NECON system", operators of public swimming pool and wellness facilities create a safe environment free of pathogens even under peak load conditions.
Customers will choose your facility over competitors with chlorinated water and unpleasantly smelling premises, and return over again for the thorough wellness experience or uncompromised sport activities.

As far as sport swimming is concerned, there are good reasons for the 100% chemical-free purified water being long-preferred by athletes and trainers of the previous Eastern-block countries.
The swimming athletes at the Olympic games in 2004 in Athens were privileged to compete under optimum conditions in NECON water.

Is there more pleasant water for bathing than pure drinking water?

The NECON system:

The NECON system for disinfection and algae-prevention is usually installed between circulation pump and filter, and typically operated daily for roughly a third of the filter pump runtime.

Appropriately filtered, the water will be pure and sparkling. 

After run-in, dosing check as well as inspection and if need be cleaning of integrated electrode are recommended every three operation months.

Dosing level is about half of the WHO recommendation for drinking water. 

No wonder amazed NECON pool clients keep commenting that their pool water is much more drinkable than the regular mains water in the rest of their house.

Hence the NECON slogan:

Stop acting like a pool attendant, constantly being concerned with various dosing and filling levels plus the restocking and handling of hazardous chemicals.

Simply enjoy your pool like a visitor! 

Dive in, have fun in the silky soft NECON water, and afterwards you don't even need to take a shower.