Made in Germany


NEC-6000 is an optional add-on controller for the electrolysis units NEC-4000 and its sister models to provide comfort functions.

Firstly, NEC-6000 panel allows centralized control of up to 16 NEC-4000, NEC-7000, or NEC-9000 units.
Furthermore, NEC-6000 may be equipped with special-purpose plug-in boards depending on project requirements.

Currently available are interfaces to…

  • Building management systems for complete monitoring of all operation parameters via Modbus protocol (RS485, RTU mode via serial connection)
  • Pulse-generating flow meters to enable flow-dependent ionization performance
    (automated proportional amperage control depending on variations of flow)

Technical data control panel plus Add-in boards

  • Voltage supply 110–240 V full-range, 50/60 Hz
  • Power consumption 60 Watts
  • Dimensions (W × H × D) 335 × 270 × 150 mm
  • IP protection class 54
  • Centralized control for up to16 units of NEC-4000, NEC-7000, or NEC-9000
  • Max. cable connection length between
    NEC-6000 and NEC-4000/-7000/-9000 unit(s): 25 m
  • Optional add-on board to monitor operation via Modbus protocol (RS485, RTU mode via serial connection)
  • Optional add-on board for automated flow-dependent amperage control;
    specifications for supported meters (e.g. "NECflow"):
    • Pulse output min 300 CPM eq. 5 Hz (pulses per second),
      max 180 000 CPM eq. 3 000 Hz
    • NPN interface
    • 5 or 24 VDC power input, unless sensor comes with its own dedicated power supply