Made in Germany

NEC-5010 swimming pool systems

The NEC-5000 systems' main feature, along with the NECON-typical combination of precise amperage and time-controlled electrolysis, is the ability to operate a swimming pool circulation pump including support for automated filter backwash.

Depending on the size of the pool, the systems combine the same controller model with electrodes respectively treatment cells of different sizes and partly also with multiple cells (see table below).

Touchscreen controller

Starting model year 2019, all controller models of the NEC-5000 series are standard equipped with a touch screen, for even more convenient and transparent operation.

For example, the user interface may be switched to different languages and further features a history protocol for detailed examination of past system messages and parameter adjustments.
The controller may also be managed remotely in a desktop PC's web browser via the optionally available LAN interface; in addition, the operating log may be saved there for further use.

Technical data control unit

  • Voltage supply 110–230 V 50/60 Hz; contact rating filter pump max.1.1 kW, may be replaced by optional external contactor
  • Electrode current 1–7 A adjustable (in 1 A steps); with max. 15 V output voltage
  • Power consumption max. 370 Watts
  • Dimensions (W × H × D) 335 × 330 × 150 mm
  • Up to 3 programmable switching times per day
  • Flow control by automatic filter-backwash control unit, paddle-wheel flow monitor or magnetic-inductive flow monitor for volume flow-dependant water treatment (each optionally available)
  • IP protection class 54

Product Variants

Product Variants Included Accessories Electrodes


  • For private indoor pools up to 40 m³
  • For private outdoor pools up to 30 m³

Cu test kit Comparator

1 × C21031


  • For private pools up to 80 m³
  • For public pools up to 50 m³

Cu test kit Comparator

1 × C21035


  • For private pools up to 160 m³
  • For public pools up to 100 m³

Cu test kit Comparator

1 × C90009
(before 2019: 1 × C21039)


  • For private pools up to 320 m³
  • For public pools up to 250 m³

Cu test kit Comparator

2 × C90009
(before 2019: 2 × C21039)