Made in Germany


T-NEC is intended for electro-physical treatment of feed water for control and prevention of bacteria, esp. pathogens like legionella bacteria.

The system has been designed specifically for application in domestic water supply installations.
Designed like a pipe tee, it seamlessly integrates itself into existing pipe networks.

The dosage is controlled fully automatically by a patented, integrated control intelligence and does not require any settings on the part of the user.

Technical data

  1. Power supply:
    External plug-in voltage transformer (included; input 180-240 V ─ 50/60 Hz),
    required output to system 24 V DC, tip of plug to T-NEC device with positive polarity, mind. 1250mA
  2. Power consumption: max. 28 Watt depending on conductivity of water
  3. Space requirements in vertical installation (strongly recommended):
    H = 288 mm, W = 122 mm each incl. the supplied shut-off valves
    D = 176 mm plus clear depth min. 230 mm to detach control head for electrode maintenance
  4. Connection threads: 1" BSP male (included shut-off valves: 1"/1" BSP female)
  5. Feed-through: 3/4" (DN 20)
  6. Pressure rating: 16 bar
  7. Weight: 4 kg incl. electrode
  8. IP rating: IP 54
  9. Treatment cell: stainless steel
  10. Drinking water qualification: acc. WRAS (U.K.), DVGW (Germany)