Made in Germany


With conventional water disinfection USING CHLORINE / USING Cu & Ag

1. Causes reddened, irritated eyes 1. No eye irritation
2. Causes dry, rough skin 2. Silky-soft skin
3. Marked odour, particularly indoors 3. Odourless water
4. Irritation of respiratory tracts 4. Water contains no irritants
5. Chlorine is hazardous 5. Copper is healthy (essential element)
6. Requires application of flocculators 6. Natural flocculation
7. Requires additional agents during winter breaks 7. No additional agents required during winter breaks
8. Requires additional application of algaecides 8. No additional algaecidal agents required
9. Requires storage and frequent replenishment 9. No storage required
10. Weekly chlorine-level checks required 10. Copper-level check every 3 months
11. Risk of chemical burns from liquid chlorine 11. Fully automatic and safe discharge of ions
12. Requires additional agents to regulate pH level 12. No additional agents required to regulate pH level
13. Corrosion risk for pool materials and environment 13. No corrosive effects
14. Low buffer capacity 14. Constant discharge of ions
15. Yearly replacement of chlorinated water 15. Replacement of water not required
16. Replacement of filter sand 2-3 years 16. Change of filter sand after 10 years
17. Rapid loss of efficacy when exposed to strong sunlight 17. Efficacy not affected by environmental conditions
18. Backwash water must be disposed 18. Backwash water suited for irrigation of plants